Midnight on the Adriatic

Midnight on the Adriatic

“Damned pirates!” Roland muttered. “If it’s the treasure they want, they shan’t have it, by God!”“Of course not, darling,” said Adeline. “Do let us exert ourselves, and perhaps we may lose them yet.”

“You are right as always, my dear,” said Roland. He turned the helm over to the quivering captain, then joined his lovely wife on the yacht’s mahogany deck. Adeline was just leveling the shining barrel of her favorite firearm at pursuing vessel.

“The elephant gun? Don’t you think that’s a bit over the top, dearest?” asked Roland… (continued on story card)


In lapis and rich cobalt blue (may show up lighter on some screens), “Midnight on the Adriatic” is designed for those who crave a touch of mystery.


Detail showing the crackle glass center beads, gold-decorated beads, and lapis chips.


Limited edition. Only two sets will be made and sold. Necklace: lapis lazuli, Czech glass, and gold-tone nickel, with barrel clasp. 17″ including clasp. Earrings: cobalt-blue Czech glass on gold-tone nickel earwires, 3/4″ long, exclusive of earwires. Set comes packaged in a silky organza gift bag, with story card.

“Midnight on the Adriatic” is part of the Stone Tiger Jewelry “Ravishing Romance” collection. Every set in the collection comes packaged in a silky organza gift bag. Inside the bag, the fortunate recipient will find a story card with a vignette of the exciting adventures of Roland and Adelaide, a pair of adventurers who romance the world. What a great gift for that special birthday, anniversary, or holiday!

Price: $25.00 $17.00


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