Byzantine Dreams

Byzantine Dreams

“Good Lord!” cried Roland.Adeline rushed to his side. “What is it, my darling?”

“Look!” Roland said, pointing a sun-bronzed hand into the dusty sarcophagus. “I thought tomb robbers must have taken everything long ago, but look what remains!”

Adeline touched the back of her hand to her mouth and let out a small gasp. “It cannot be!”… (continued on story card)


Byzantian Dreams recalls the opulence of the courts of ancient kings.


Detail showing malachite nuggets and gold-decorated glass beads.



One-of-a-kind necklace and earring sets. Only one set will be made and sold! Necklace: malachite, glass, Czech glass, gold-plated round beads and base-metal decorative beads, with vermeil clasp (vermeild is sterling silver electroplated with 22k gold). 19.5″ including clasp. Earrings: glass and gold-plated beads gold-toned nickel, on gold-plated surgical steel earwires. 1.25″ long, exclusive of earwires. Set comes packaged in a silky organza gift bag, with story card.

“Byzantine Dreams” is part of the Stone Tiger Jewelry “Ravishing Romance” collection. Every set in the collection comes packaged in a silky organza gift bag. Inside the bag, the fortunate recipient will find a story card with a vignette of the exciting adventures of Roland and Adelaide, a pair of adventurers who romance the world. What a great gift for that special birthday, anniversary, or holiday!

Price: $40.00 $30.00


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