Florentine Escape

Florentine Escape

“Look, darling, you can see Giotto’s bell tower from here,” Adelaide said, pointing out the window.“We shall have to have a look at Donatello’s sculptures later,” replied Roland, as he gazed out into the sunshine of Florence. The air was filled with the sounds of people just leaving their homes and clattering down the cobbled streets to work.

Adelaide sighed. “You mean after McMurtry is safely behind bars and we dare to venture forth?”

“I’m afraid so, dearest,” replied Roland. His expression changed as he looked over the iron balustrade into the street below. “Unless, of course, Inspector Lucas was on the wrong trail after all.”

Adelaide followed his gaze to the dark figure lurking in the alley across the narrow street. “So it would appear. Do you suppose the back door is covered?”

“Without a doubt.”

“Then,” Adelaide said with a resigned shrug, “That leaves only one thing to do…” (continued on story card)


“Florentine Escape” was inspired by the rich colors of Renaissance paintings and the sparkle of royal jewels. 


Detail showing amethyst chips, sterling silver beads, and fine Czech glass beads.


One-of-a-kind necklace and earring set. Only one set will be made and sold! Necklace: amethyst chips, Czech glass, and sterling silver beads, with sterling silver clasp. 19.5″ including clasp. Earrings: Czech glass and sterling silver decorative spacers on sterling silver earwires. 1″ long, exclusive of earwires.

“Florentine Escape” is part of the Stone Tiger Jewelry “Ravishing Romance” collection. Every set in the collection comes packaged in a silky organza gift bag. Inside the bag, the fortunate recipient will find a story card with a vignette of the exciting adventures of Roland and Adelaide, a pair of adventurers who romance the world. What a great gift for that special birthday, anniversary, or holiday!


Price: $45.00 $29.00


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