The Adventure of the Glass Scarab

The Adventure of the Glass Scarab

“Have we ever been to a duller party than this?” Roland asked, as he leaned on the marble ballustrade of the veranda, a martini glass at his elbow.“Lady Eiffers has never been known as the most scintillating of hostesses, I’ll admit,” replied Adelaide. “But if we’re to discover what the glass scarab is all about, I suppose we must endure it.”

“So we must,” replied Roland. “Though if her ladyship calls me over once again for more mindless blather, I think I shall pretend I didn’t hear her.”

They both looked up, startled, as a piercing sound rent the night. “Unless, of course,” Roland said, “that would be Lady Eiffers screaming…” (continued on story card)


In subtle greens, blues, and golds, “Adventure of the Glass Scarab” is a perfect accessory for romantic adventures of your own.



Detail showing the gold-adorned Czech glass center bead flanked by two glass scarab beads and polished brass beads.


A unique necklace and earring set. Only one set will be sold! Necklace: aventurine chips, aventurine beads, quartz beads, Czech glass beads, polished brass beads from India, decorative base metal spacers, finished with a 12k gold filled hook-and-eye clasp. 17″ long including clasp. Earrings: Czech glass and base metal beads on sterling silver earwires. 1″ long, exclusive of earwires.

“Adventure of the Glass Scarab” is part of the Stone Tiger Jewelry “Ravishing Romance” collection. Every set in the collection comes packaged in a silky organza gift bag. Inside the bag, the fortunate recipient will find a story card with a vignette of the exciting adventures of Roland and Adelaide, a pair of adventurers who romance the world. What a great gift for that special birthday, anniversary, or holiday!

Price: $50.00 $30.00


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