Victorian Mystery

Victorian Mystery

“Old, old houses like this give me delightful chills,” said Adelaide.Roland smiled in agreement. “The upkeep, of course, is horrendous. But there is a certain charm about the old manor, isn’t there?” He glanced around at the dark woodwork, shimmering from generations of elbow grease and lavender wax. “A lovely place for a quiet weekend holiday.”

“And probably just riddled with priest holes and secret passages.” She touched the various carvings and knobs on the mantle over the fireplace, laughing as she did so — until a sudden grating noise stopped her cold.

“Ah… like that one?” Roland said quietly.


“Victorian Mystery” recalls the elegant past, and features an abundance of garnets, which were highly fashionable in the late 19th century. 


Detail showing triple strands of 4mm garnet beads separated by sterling silver spacers and highly decorated lampwork beads.


One-of-a-kind necklace and earring set. Only one set will be made and sold! Necklace: 4mm garnet beads, sterling silver spacers, Venitian glass floral beads, polished brass beads, with a goldtone clasp. 18.5″ including clasp. Earrings: Venetian glass floral beads, garnet beads, and sterling silver decorative spacers on sterling silver earwires. 1″ long, exclusive of earwires.

“Victorian Mystery” is part of the Stone Tiger Jewelry “Ravishing Romance” collection. Every set in the collection comes packaged in a silky organza gift bag. Inside the bag, the fortunate recipient will find a story card with a vignette of the exciting adventures of Roland and Adelaide, a pair of adventurers who romance the world. What a great gift for that special birthday, anniversary, or holiday!


Price: $57.00 $42.00


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